Inspiration Boards

Our Wedding Inspiration

I love creating moodboards! (as you will discover)  There is something poetic, pleasing, rewarding and indeed a little addictive about finding beautiful images and piecing them together to create a unique snapshot of your lusts, a fusion of your hopes, dreams and loves.

After sharing our wedding photos, I thought I would share how I pieced our wedding together, where my ideas came from, what inspired me, where I started, how my blank canvas became…..

Our Wedding Inspiration



Our Vintage Inspired Wedding

When I first started to think of Chic Vintage Brides I must admit to being in equal measures excited and nervous at the thought of sharing my wedding photos – excited that they may inspire future brides (as the images I found on Love My Dress did when I was planning my wedding ), but equally nervous to be sharing such precious, personal and private memories with strangers.

But, putting any nerves aside, here goes….I hope you enjoy……



My New Vintage Wedding Blog – Chic Vintage Brides

For as long as I can remember I have had two passions…..

My first is Wedding dresses. I have always dreamt of owning my own wedding dress shop – of being surrounded by beautiful gowns and gloriously happy brides, spending days trying on dresses (of course?!) and quaffing champagne, being invited to every brides big day and revelling in the beauty and happiness I helped to create.….. a dream that is, of course, a far cry from the reality!

Claire Pettibone Store by Elizabeth Messina(Image Source Elizabeth Messina)

My second passion is for all fashion that would now be termed ‘vintage’. I think this probably stems from the strong belief that I was born in the wrong era – with, as my mother lovingly describes them, child bearing hips (or an ‘hour glass’ figure if you’re being kind) and skin that doesn’t appreciate being exposed to the sun; I have always felt I should have been born in a time before shorts and mini skirts, before the sun tan or waif.