Chic Vintage Bride – Countess Marina

June 4, 2014

I am a incey bit obsessed with all things royal, they intrigue me (plus, tiaras!); particularly the tragic Russian royal family, the Romanovs (have you seen some of their diadems?? wowzers!) So, already enamoured with her beauty, when I discovered Chanel model Countess Marina (not to be confused with Princess Marina) married Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich Romanov I just knew she had to be this week’s Chic Vintage Bride…..

Chic Vintage 1930s Bride - Countess Marina

Don’t you think she looks a little like a young Joan Crawford here?

Countess Marina Sergeievna Golenistcheva-Koutouzova (we’ll just call her Countess Marina shall we?) met Prince Dmitri whilst he was in exile running Coco Chanael’s store in Biaritz and she was modelling for the fashion house. The pair married in Paris on 25 October 1931, and of course the bride wore Chanel!

Chic Vintage 1930s Bride - Countess Marina (Image Source)

And didn’t she look absolutely stunning in it? I love the circlet of orange blossoms at her neck.

Such a lovely Romanov wedding – and not a diamond tiara in sight!




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